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Hello Chung’s House lovers, are you looking for the latest Chung’s House Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Chung’s House Menu 2024 Hong Kong with prices.



Vegetarian CasseroleHK$ 148HK$ 185
Salted Deep Fried Squab Pigeon (1 pc)HK$ 68HK$ 85
Signature Fried RiceHK$ 198.4HK$ 248
Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh PineappleHK$ 138.4HK$ 173
Sesame Oil Chicken (half)HK$ 168HK$ 210
Sakura Prawn Fried RiceHK$ 128HK$ 160

Chef’s Recommendation

Satay Angus Beef CasseroleHK$ 148HK$ 185
Wagyu Bites in Black GarlicHK$ 198.4HK$ 248
Kung Pao PrawnHK$ 168HK$ 210
Prawns with Truffle and Scrambled EggsHK$ 168HK$ 210
Fish Maw Casserole with Braised Eggplants and Minced PorkHK$ 148HK$ 185
Stewed Sliced Pork with Preserved VegetablesHK$ 138.4HK$ 173
Double-boiled Pork Lung Soup with Almond Juice (for 1 person)HK$ 68HK$ 85
Vegetarian CasseroleHK$ 148HK$ 185
Shunde Style Pan-fried Fish MouthHK$ 238.4HK$ 298
Stewed Ox Tail In Red Wine SauceHK$ 168HK$ 210
Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh PineappleHK$ 138.4HK$ 173
Deep-fried Pork Rib in Shrimp PasteHK$ 138.4HK$ 173
Truffle ScallopHK$ 198.4HK$ 248
Braised Tofu and Morel MushroomsHK$ 123.2HK$ 154
Stir-fried String BeansHK$ 118.4HK$ 148
Chicken with Fresh Sand Ginger and White Pepper in CasseroleHK$ 168HK$ 210

Siu Mei

Crispy Roasted Goose (Whole)HK$ 498.4HK$ 623
Salted Deep Fried Squab Pigeon (1 pc)HK$ 68HK$ 85
Crispy Roasted Goose (Half)HK$ 268HK$ 335
Steamed Chicken with Sand Ginger Powder (Half)HK$ 148HK$ 185
Roast Barbecued Iberico PorkHK$ 238.4HK$ 298
Sesame Oil Chicken (half)HK$ 168HK$ 210

Fresh Seafood

Grouper Fish with Pickled CabbageHK$ 488HK$ 610
Steamed Flowery Grouper (Approx. 1 Catty)HK$ 398.4HK$ 498
South African Abalone (spiced salt)HK$ 68HK$ 85
Salt Grilled South African Peacock AbaloneHK$ 68HK$ 85
Stir-fried Lobster with Bean Thread Noodles in CasseroleHK$ 298.4HK$ 373
South African Abalone (steamed with preserved tangerine peel)HK$ 68HK$ 85
Steamed East Star Grouper (Approx. 1 Catty)HK$ 698.4HK$ 873

Premium Seafood

Traditional Stewed African Four-head Abalone (pc)HK$ 288HK$ 360
Braised Goose Web with Fish Maw in Abalone SauceHK$ 198.4HK$ 248
Braised Grapefruit Peel with Shrimp Roe (Piece)HK$ 88HK$ 110

Noodles and Rice

Signature Fried RiceHK$ 198.4HK$ 248
Sakura Prawn Fried RiceHK$ 128HK$ 160
Soy Sauce Fried NoodlesHK$ 118.4HK$ 148
Stir-fried Flat Rice Noodles with Dried Tangerine PeelHK$ 128HK$ 160


Smashed Cucumber with GarlicHK$ 48HK$ 60
Black Fungus with VinegarHK$ 48HK$ 60
Spiced Pork Trotter with Ginger and SaltHK$ 68HK$ 85
Chinese White RadishHK$ 48HK$ 60
Shredded Chicken, Pine Nuts and Bean Starch Sheet in Sesame SauceHK$ 58.4HK$ 73
Spiced Beef ShankHK$ 58.4HK$ 73
Chicken Feet with Pickled PeppersHK$ 58.4HK$ 73
Shichimi TofuHK$ 68HK$ 85

Nourishing Desserts

Red Date Cake (4 pcs)HK$ 38.4HK$ 48
Pandan Coconut Cake (2 pcs)HK$ 18.4HK$ 23
Red Bean Sweet Soup with Tangerine PeelHK$ 38.4HK$ 48
Red Bean Crepe Cake (1 pc)HK$ 38.4HK$ 48
Longevity Peach Bun (6 pcs)HK$ 68HK$ 85
Mango PuddingHK$ 28HK$ 35

How big is Chungking mansion?

17 storeys tall

Building structure and housing

Chungking Mansions is 17 storeys tall and consists of five blocks, named A, B, C, D and E. There are two lifts in each block, one of which serves even-numbered floors, the other odd-numbered floors. A CCTV camera system exists at the ground floor level for each of the lift cars.

who is the owner of Chung’s House in hong kong?

Jaime Chua Tiampo (蔡天普) – Developer of Chungking Mansions (重慶大廈) – The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group.

How many people live in the Chungking Mansion?

The building was completed on 11 November 1961, at which time Chinese residents predominated. Now, after more than five decades of use, there are an estimated 4,000 people living in the complex.

Is Chungking Mansions safe?

The hostels themselves at Chungking Mansion are safe. Occasionally, there is criminal activity in the building but the crimes don’t generally involve the hostels or the guests. I wouldn’t leave anything valuable in the room though when you head out.

What is the biggest house in Hong Kong?

By valuation
Square Feet (approx. saleable)
Goldsmith Road, Jardine’s Lookout 渣甸山高士美道
75 Deep Water Bay Road 深水灣道
1 Peak Road 山頂道
25 Cooper Road, Jardine’s Lookout 渣甸山谷柏道

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