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Hello SKM Restaurant lovers, are you looking for the latest SKM Restaurant Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of SKM Restaurant Menu 2023 Hong Kong with prices.

SKM Restaurant menu price list hong kong 2023


Double Topping Noodles Setfrom HK$ 55
Oatmeal Setfrom HK$ 55
French ToastHK$ 50
Morning Chicken Fillet Setfrom HK$ 58
Sandwich with 2 Fillingsfrom HK$ 52


Macaroni Soup with Shredded Ham Breakfastfrom HK$ 55
Tuna Sandwichfrom HK$ 52
Sandwich with 2 Fillingsfrom HK$ 52
Morning Chicken Fillet Setfrom HK$ 58
Thick Slice Butter in Pineapple Bun Setfrom HK$ 55
Double Topping Noodles Setfrom HK$ 55
Egg Mayo Sandwichfrom HK$ 52
Morning Pork Chop Setfrom HK$ 58
Morning Bacon Setfrom HK$ 58
Oatmeal Setfrom HK$ 55


Club SandwichHK$ 66
Pan-fried Chicken Fillet in BunHK$ 41
Kaya French ToastHK$ 50
Fresh Beef and Eggs SandwichHK$ 31
Sandwichfrom HK$ 28
Peanut Butter ToastHK$ 22
Pan-fried Pork Chop BunHK$ 41
French ToastHK$ 50
Satay Beef and Egg SandwichHK$ 31
Tuna SandwichHK$ 31
Toast with Fresh Butter and Condensed MilkHK$ 29


Coffeefrom HK$ 25
Coffee with Milk Teafrom HK$ 25
Lemon Teafrom HK$ 25
Horlicksfrom HK$ 25
Milkfrom HK$ 34
Coffee with Lemonfrom HK$ 30
Lemon Cokefrom HK$ 30
Salted Kumquat SpriteHK$ 41
Ice Cream (1 Scoop)HK$ 22
Cream SodaHK$ 29
Coke FloatHK$ 50
Iced Red Beans Drink with Ice CreamHK$ 65
Honey Citron TeaHK$ 30
Freshly Squeezed Orange JuiceHK$ 72
Mango IceHK$ 72
Milk Teafrom HK$ 25
Chocolatefrom HK$ 25
Lemon Waterfrom HK$ 25
Ovaltinefrom HK$ 25
Lemon Honeyfrom HK$ 30
Ribena with Lemonfrom HK$ 30
Salted Kumquat Honeyfrom HK$ 34
Coca-ColaHK$ 29
Coke ZeroHK$ 29
SpriteHK$ 29
Milk Tea with Red BeanHK$ 50
Coconut Red Bean Ice DrinkHK$ 50
Ginger TeaHK$ 30
Fresh Lemon JuiceHK$ 72
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