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Hello BLZ RESTAURANT lovers, are you looking for the latest BLZ RESTAURANT Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of BLZ RESTAURANT Menu 2024 Hong Kong with prices.



White RiceHK$ 12.6HK$ 14
Spicy Fresh Chicken Potfrom HK$ 179.1HK$ 199
Whole Longsnout CatfishHK$ 430.2HK$ 478
Sabah Giant GrouperHK$ 462.6HK$ 514
Spicy Hot Pig EarsHK$ 36.9HK$ 41

Traditional Sichuan Noodles Maocai – Served before 5:30 pm

One of the must-try dishes is the mouth-watering 肥腸耗兒魚鍋, which is priced at HK$ 299.7HK$ 333. The dish is packed with flavor and features a delightful combination of ingredients that will leave you wanting more. For those looking for a lighter option, the Kelp Sprouts are an excellent choice, priced at HK$ 39.6HK$ 44.

肥腸耗兒魚鍋HK$ 299.7HK$ 333
Kelp SproutsHK$ 39.6HK$ 44

Hot Pot Set

Chicken Pot for 2-3HK$ 511.2HK$ 568
Grilled Sabah Giant Grouper for 2-3 paxHK$ 691.2HK$ 768
Grilled Longsnout Catfish Hot Pot Set for 2-3HK$ 655.2HK$ 728
Grilled Basa Fish Hot Pot Set for 2-3HK$ 619.2HK$ 688

Sichuan Snacks

The menu features an array of classic dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds. For starters, try the Spicy Hot Pig Ears or the Numbing Spicy Shredded Pork Tripe if you’re feeling adventurous. If you prefer something less spicy, the Cold Stirred Black Fungus and Cold Golden Preserved Egg are refreshing options. Don’t miss out on the Chicken Feet with Pickled Pepper and the Made-to-order Deep-fried Beancurd Sheet Rolls with Shrimps (5 pcs) – they’re crowd favorites for a reason. And if you’re a fan of cucumbers, the Smashed Cucumber is a must-try.

Spicy Hot Pig EarsHK$ 36.9HK$ 41
Cold Stirred Black FungusHK$ 36.9HK$ 41
Cold Golden Preserved EggHK$ 36.9HK$ 41
Chicken Feet with Pickled PepperHK$ 38.7HK$ 43
Made-to-order Deep-fried Beancurd Sheet Rolls with Shrimps (5 pcs)HK$ 52.2HK$ 58
Smashed CucumberHK$ 36.9HK$ 41
Numbing Spicy Shredded Pork TripeHK$ 36.9HK$ 41

Grilled Whole Fish

Their menu boasts a variety of delectable dishes, including the Whole Longsnout Catfish, which is priced at HK$ 430.2 (discounted from HK$ 478) and the Sabah Giant Grouper at HK$ 462.6 (discounted from HK$ 514). If you’re in the mood for something with a bit of a kick, try the Spicy Peppercorn Crayfish priced at HK$ 441 (discounted from HK$ 490). And if you’re looking for something grilled, the Grilled Basa Fish priced at HK$ 397.8 (discounted from HK$ 442) is a great option.

Whole Longsnout CatfishHK$ 430.2HK$ 478
Sabah Giant GrouperHK$ 462.6HK$ 514
Spicy Peppercorn CrayfishHK$ 441HK$ 490
Grilled Basa FishHK$ 397.8HK$ 442

Chicken Pot

Chicken with Pickled Pepper Potfrom HK$ 179.1HK$ 199
Chicken Pot with Fish Maw and Fish TripeHK$ 308.7HK$ 343
Spicy Fresh Chicken Potfrom HK$ 179.1HK$ 199
Herbal Drunken Chicken Potfrom HK$ 160.2HK$ 178

Spicy Pig Intestines Pot Series

One dish that really stood out to me was their Pig Intestines and Diced Beef Pot, which was packed with flavorful and tender meat. If you’re in the mood for something with a bit more heat, their Spicy Pig Intestines Pot is sure to satisfy your cravings. Another dish worth trying is the Pig Intestines and Smooth Chicken Pot, which has a perfect balance of savory and mild flavors. Prices for these delicious hot pots range from HK$233.1 to HK$343, making it a great value for the quality of food you’re getting.

Pig Intestines and Diced Beef PotHK$ 308.7HK$ 343
Spicy Pig Intestines PotHK$ 233.1HK$ 259
Pig Intestines and Smooth Chicken PotHK$ 276.3HK$ 307

Hot Pot Raw Ingredients – Beef

Deluxe Diced Marbled BeefHK$ 181.8HK$ 202
Fresh Sliced BeefHK$ 106.2HK$ 118
American Sliced BeefHK$ 127.8HK$ 142
Deluxe Beef ChuckHK$ 268.2HK$ 298
Hand-cut Sliced Angus BeefHK$ 311.4HK$ 346

Hot Pot Raw Ingredients – Recommendations

Fresh Pork Small IntestineHK$ 63HK$ 70
Kurobuta Pork SlicesHK$ 127.8HK$ 142
Beef OmasumHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Drunken Chicken TestisHK$ 95.4HK$ 106
Luncheon MeatHK$ 48.6HK$ 54
Cuttlefish Paste with Crab RoeHK$ 95.4HK$ 106
Water SquidHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Duck Blood CurdHK$ 66.6HK$ 74
Sliced LambHK$ 127.8HK$ 142
Signature Pig IntestinesHK$ 68.4HK$ 76
Skin Nourishing Fish MawHK$ 127.8HK$ 142
Black Beef OmasumHK$ 117HK$ 130
Deep-fried Fish TripeHK$ 106.2HK$ 118
Deluxe Crab SticksHK$ 48.6HK$ 54
Yellow Hair Chickenfrom HK$ 106.2HK$ 118
Fresh Pork LiverHK$ 59.4HK$ 66
Pork Blood CurdHK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Maid Brand Crispy SausageHK$ 48.6HK$ 54
Chicken GizzardHK$ 63HK$ 70
Pig TripeHK$ 59.4HK$ 66
Goose IntestinesHK$ 127.8HK$ 142
耗兒魚HK$ 127.8HK$ 142

Hot Pot Raw Ingredients – Dumplings and Meatballs

One of my favorite dishes was the Mixed Meatball Platter, which was priced at HK$ 77.4 or HK$ 86 depending on the size. The Shrimp and Pork Dumplings were also a standout, priced at HK$ 63 or HK$ 70, and the Fish Ball with Cheese Filling was a unique and flavorful option, priced at HK$ 45 or HK$ 50. I also enjoyed the Taiwanese Pork Ball with Mushroom, Fresh Shrimp Wonton, and Cuttlefish Ball, all priced at HK$ 45 or HK$ 50 each. For those looking for something a little different, I highly recommend the Taiwanese Grilled Mochi, Fish and Meat Dumpling, Dumpling Duo, Premium Beef Balls, and Squid Ball with Squid Ink, all of which were priced between HK$ 45 and HK$ 82.

Mixed Meatball PlatterHK$ 77.4HK$ 86
Shrimp and Pork DumplingHK$ 63HK$ 70
Fish Ball with Cheese FillingHK$ 45HK$ 50
Taiwanese Pork Ball with MushroomHK$ 45HK$ 50
Fresh Shrimp WontonHK$ 63HK$ 70
Cuttlefish BallHK$ 45HK$ 50
Taiwanese Grilled MochiHK$ 45HK$ 50
Fish and Meat DumplingHK$ 54HK$ 60
Dumpling DuoHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Premium Beef BallsHK$ 45HK$ 50
Squid Ball with Squid InkHK$ 52.2HK$ 58

Hot Pot Raw Ingredients – Tofu and Vegetables

They offer a wide range of options such as Homemade Seaweed Soybean Rolls, Bean Sprouts, Sliced Lotus Root, and Chinese Lettuce. I particularly enjoyed the Fresh Bean Curd Stick and Deep-fried Taro. The Coriander and Pickled Vegetables were also delicious. For mushroom lovers, they have King Trumpet Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, and Mushroom. Their prices are reasonable, ranging from HK$ 21.6 to HK$ 50.

Homemade Seaweed Soybean RollHK$ 41.4HK$ 46
Bean SproutsHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Sliced Lotus RootHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Chinese LettuceHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Fresh Bean Curd StickHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Deep-fried TaroHK$ 45HK$ 50
CorianderHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Leafy LettuceHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Pickled VegetablesHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
King Trumpet MushroomHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Tofu SkinHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
TofuHK$ 21.6HK$ 24
Sliced PotatoHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Fresh Sweet CornsHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Enoki MushroomHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Sliced RadishHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Oyster MushroomHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Purple OnionHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Black FungusHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Baby CabbageHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
TomatoHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Sliced White GourdHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Cold TofuHK$ 32.4HK$ 36
Fried Tofu PuffsHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
MushroomHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Celtuce StripsHK$ 37.8HK$ 42
Fresh YamHK$ 37.8HK$ 42


Demae RamenHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Sanuki UdonHK$ 27HK$ 30
Konjac NoodlesHK$ 21.6HK$ 24
Rice NoodlesHK$ 27HK$ 30
Sweet Potato NoodlesHK$ 27HK$ 30


White RiceHK$ 12.6HK$ 14

How many branches does BLZ Restaurant have in Hong Kong?

65 branches are BLZ Restaurant in Hong Kong.

who is the owner of BLZ Restaurant in hong kong?

Minh Dao is the owner of BLZ Restaurant in hong kong.

Does BLZ Restaurant accept credit cards?

There’s no general* rule that any business has to accept any particular form of payment. Even if the establishment does accept cash, they don’t have to accept sacks full of pennies or $100 notes.

Is BLZ Restaurant Halal?

BLZ Restaurant’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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