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Are you looking for the latest Genki Sushi Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Genki Sushi Menu 2024 hong kong with prices.

Genki Sushi menu price list hong kong 2024


Soft Shell Crab Hand RollHK$ 30.6HK$ 36
Special Sushi Set A (Total 11pcs)HK$ 126.7HK$ 149
Crab Roe SaladHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
Small Sushi Roll Set A (Total 12pcs)HK$ 52.7HK$ 62
Classic Sushi Set B (Total 24pcs)HK$ 230.3HK$ 271
Special Sushi Set B (Total 12pcs)HK$ 115.6HK$ 136

Sushi Set

Genki Sushi in Hong Kong offers a wide variety of sushi sets for customers to choose from. The Special Sushi Sets, ranging from Set A with 11 pieces for HK$ 126.7 to Set C with 12 pieces for HK$ 139.4, are perfect for those looking for a quick bite. For those looking for a more substantial meal, the Classic Sushi Sets, with options of 26 pieces for HK$ 260.1 or 24 pieces for HK$ 230.3, offer a satisfying selection of sushi. For salmon lovers, the Assorted Salmon Sushi Sets, with options of 24 pieces for HK$ 225.3 or 12 pieces for HK$ 112.2, are a great choice. Genki Sushi also offers a Kids Sushi Set A for HK$ 117.3, making it a great spot for families. Overall, Genki Sushi offers a great variety of sushi sets at reasonable prices, making it a great choice for sushi lovers in Hong Kong

Special Sushi Set A (Total 11pcs)HK$ 126.7HK$ 149
Special Sushi Set B (Total 12pcs)HK$ 115.6HK$ 136
Special Sushi Set C (Total 12pcs)HK$ 139.4HK$ 164
Classic Sushi Set A (Total 26pcs)HK$ 260.1HK$ 306
Classic Sushi Set B (Total 24pcs)HK$ 230.3HK$ 271
Classic Sushi Set C (Total 22pcs)HK$ 201.4HK$ 237
Assorted Salmon Sushi Set A (Total 24pcs)HK$ 225.3HK$ 265
Assorted Salmon Sushi Set B (Total 12pcs)HK$ 112.2HK$ 132
Kids Sushi Set AHK$ 117.3HK$ 138
Kids Sushi Set BHK$ 119HK$ 140
Sushi Roll Set (Total 38pcs)HK$ 232.1HK$ 273
Small Sushi Roll Set A (Total 12pcs)HK$ 52.7HK$ 62
Small Sushi Roll Set B (Total 8pcs)HK$ 77.3HK$ 91

Party Set

Genki A (Total 56pcs)HK$ 525.3HK$ 618
Genki B (Total 52pcs)HK$ 489.6HK$ 576

Sashimi Set

Sashimi Set (Total 22pcs)HK$ 188.7HK$ 222

Popular Sushi

If you’re looking for delicious and affordable sushi in Hong Kong, Genki Sushi is a must-visit. This popular restaurant offers a wide variety of sushi options, including classics like Egg and Spicy Salmon Gunkan, as well as unique options like Seared Salmon with Crispy Garlic and Jumbo Crab Stick. Prices are reasonable, with most dishes falling between HK$ 14.4 and HK$ 21. For a special treat, try the Grilled Eel or Prime Yellowtail, or go for something a bit more unique like the Soft Shell Shrimp with Avocado Hand Roll or California Hand Roll. Overall, Genki Sushi is a great choice for sushi lovers looking for high-quality food at a great price.

EggHK$ 14.4HK$ 17
Spicy Salmon GunkanHK$ 21.3HK$ 25
Seared Salmon with Crispy GarlicHK$ 17.9HK$ 21
Jumbo Crab StickHK$ 14.4HK$ 17
Grilled EelHK$ 14.4HK$ 17
Prime YellowtailHK$ 17.9HK$ 21
Soft Shell Shrimp with Avocado Hand RollHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
California Hand RollHK$ 19.6HK$ 23
Crab Meat with Crab Paste Hand RollHK$ 25.5HK$ 30

Hand Roll

Soft Shell Crab Hand RollHK$ 30.6HK$ 36
Eel & Avocado Hand RollHK$ 25.5HK$ 30
Salmon Hand RollHK$ 19.6HK$ 23


If you’re looking for a delicious sushi experience in Hong Kong, look no further than Genki Sushi. Their menu offers a wide variety of options, including the Whelk Tops, Green Soybean, Octopus with Wasabi, Crab Roe Salad, Baby Octopus, Seaweed Salad, and Tamagoyaki – Original. The prices are affordable, with most dishes ranging from HK$22.1 to HK$26. The Tamagoyaki – Original is a bit cheaper at HK$14.4 to HK$17. Overall, Genki Sushi is a great choice for those looking for delicious sushi at a reasonable price in Hong Kong.

Whelk TopsHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
Green SoybeanHK$ 19.6HK$ 23
Octopus with WasabiHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
Crab Roe SaladHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
Baby OctopusHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
Seaweed SaladHK$ 19.6HK$ 23
Tamagoyaki – OriginalHK$ 14.4HK$ 17
Tamagoyaki – Cheese FlavourHK$ 16.1HK$ 19

Hot Food

Deep-Fried Chicken Soft BoneHK$ 30.6HK$ 36
Deep-Fried Squid TentaclesHK$ 34.9HK$ 41
Assorted Veggie TempuraHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
TakoyakiHK$ 31.4HK$ 37
Fries with CheeseHK$ 25.5HK$ 30
Deep-Fried ChickenHK$ 34.9HK$ 41


UdonHK$ 24.6HK$ 29
Udon with ChikuwaHK$ 28.1HK$ 33
Udon with MushroomHK$ 30.6HK$ 36


Crepe CakeHK$ 22.1HK$ 26
Japanese Cheese CakeHK$ 21.3HK$ 25
Mini Puff (4 pcs)HK$ 19.6HK$ 23


Aomori Apple Juice – OriginalHK$ 17.9HK$ 21
Aomori Apple Juice – Yuzu FlavourHK$ 17.9HK$ 21
Aomori Apple Juice – Citrus FlavourHK$ 17.9HK$ 21
Japanese SodaHK$ 24.6HK$ 29

Who founded Genki Sushi?

   Fumio Saito  The story of Genki Sushi began with the vision of a 24-year-old Japanese sushi chef, Fumio Saito. Saito dreamed of creating a modern sushi restaurant with an unusual feature known as a ‘Kaiten’ (literally translated as ‘revolving’).

Where did Genki Sushi start?

About :: Genki Sushi USA    The new concept caught on fast in Japan. The success of kaiten sushi saw the opening of outlets in the prefecture of Tochigi in the Kanto region and in a town named Utsunomiya. In 1990 Genki Sushi Co. LTD was established and in 1991, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Who owns Genki Sushi?

GS: Genki Sushi was founded in 1968 by a young sushi chef name Fumio Saito. At the young age of 24, he envisioned a revolutionary way to introduce sushi to the masses and developed a unique delivery system called “kaiten sushi” (which means revolving).

Why is Genki called Genki?

Genki in Japanese – Meanings    The make of “genki” in kanji includes the words “gen” (元), which means root, source, or original, and “ki” (気), meaning air, breath or wind.

Is there pork in Genki?

We only strive to serve you the freshest and tastiest sushi! Please be assured that we have been diligently keeping ALL items on our menu NO Pork, NO Lard.

Is Genki beginner friendly?

The book is excellent for beginning to learn Japanese, even if you are a complete beginner with no previous experience. If you are serious about learning try to learn hirigana and katakana before the text books arrive to get a head start.

Is Genki all in Japanese?

   The Genki Textbook Style    The lessons and exercises are all in English. Other Japanese textbooks “immerse” with directions in Japanese. But at the elementary stage, this only hinders the learning process. You should learn Japanese in your native language so you understand what’s being taught.

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