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Hello Trois Cafe lovers, are you looking for the latest Trois Cafe Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Trois Cafe Menu 2024 Hong Kong with prices.



Latte (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Latte (Iced)from HK$ 37.6HK$ 47
Flat White (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42

Hot Food

Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! The Meatball Smashed Potato was a hearty and flavorful dish that was well worth the HK$ 48 price tag. And for all the bacon lovers out there, the Bacon and Cheese Smashed Potato was a true winner at HK$ 41.6. Trois Cafe’s menu offers a range of affordable options, and these two dishes were definitely a highlight for me.

Meatball Smashed PotatoHK$ 48HK$ 60
Bacon and Cheese Smashed PotatoHK$ 41.6HK$ 52

Healthy Cups

One of their must-try dishes is the Mixed Berries Yogurt Bowl, which is a delightful mix of fresh berries and creamy yogurt. This dish not only looks great but also tastes amazing and is available for only HK$28. Another fantastic option is the Oat and Fruit Bowl, which is a filling and healthy breakfast that’s perfect for those on the go. This dish is packed with nutritious oats, fresh fruits, and is also available for only HK$28.

Mixed Berries Yogurt BowlHK$ 28HK$ 35
Oat and Fruit BowlHK$ 28HK$ 35


Single Espresso (Hot)from HK$ 25.6HK$ 32
Double Expresso (Hot)from HK$ 25.6HK$ 32
Single Macchiatofrom HK$ 29.6HK$ 37
Long Black (Hot)from HK$ 29.6HK$ 37
Piccolo (Hot)from HK$ 30.4HK$ 38
Flat White (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Latte (Iced)from HK$ 37.6HK$ 47
Cappuccino (Iced)from HK$ 37.6HK$ 47
Mocha (Iced)from HK$ 37.6HK$ 47
Single Espresso (Iced)from HK$ 29.6HK$ 37
Double Expresso (Iced)from HK$ 29.6HK$ 37
Double Macchiatofrom HK$ 29.6HK$ 37
Long Black (Iced)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Cortado (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Latte (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Cappuccino (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Mocha (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42
Dirty (Iced)from HK$ 37.6HK$ 47

Michelin Tea

One of the highlights of their menu is their impressive selection of hot teas, including the Oriental Beauty, Empress Oolong, Organic Rose Red, English Breakfast Tea, Champagne Oolong, Jin Xuan Oolong, and Earl Grey. With prices ranging from HK$38.4 to HK$100, there’s a tea for every budget. As a tea lover myself, I was blown away by the quality and flavor of their teas.

Oriental Beauty (Hot)HK$ 80HK$ 100
Empress Oolong (Hot)HK$ 70.4HK$ 88
Organic Rose Red (Hot)HK$ 56HK$ 70
English Breakfast Tea (Hot)HK$ 38.4HK$ 48
Champagne Oolong (Hot)HK$ 70.4HK$ 88
Jin Xuan Oolong (Hot)HK$ 70.4HK$ 88
Earl Grey (Hot)HK$ 38.4HK$ 48

Special Drinks

Strawberry And Matcha Lattefrom HK$ 44HK$ 55
Deluxe Belgium Cocoa (Iced)from HK$ 40HK$ 50
Matcha Latte (Iced)from HK$ 40HK$ 50
Black Tea Lemonade (Iced)from HK$ 37.6HK$ 47
Deluxe Belgium Cocoa (Hot)from HK$ 36HK$ 45
Matcha Latte (Hot)from HK$ 36HK$ 45
Black Tea Lemonade (Hot)from HK$ 33.6HK$ 42

Who owns Trois Cafe?

Owner Mary Caroline Achi

But customers can decide for themselves when they visit Le Vingt-Trois Cafe & Bakery. Owner Mary Caroline Achi hopes that, in keeping with the meaning of her restaurant’s French name, it will open on February 23. What’s with the number 23? According to Achi, it’s been a theme in her and her family’s life for years.

How much is a cup of coffee in Hong Kong?

Coffee at normal tea houses or cha chang ting is around Hk $20. HK isn’t the most expensive by far. NYC, London, anywhere in Switzerland, and even Paris all have much higher costs. If you go to proper cafes, a cup of coffee can cost $30 to $40.

Does Trois Cafe have to accept credit cards?

Yes! Trois Cafe Accepts credit cards

Is Trois Cafe Halal?

Trois Cafe halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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