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Hello Five Guys lovers, are you looking for the latest Five Guys Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Five Guys Menu 2024 hong kong with prices.


Five Guys Style Friesfrom HK$ 55
Cheeseburgerfrom HK$ 100
Bacon Cheeseburgerfrom HK$ 115
Cajun Style Friesfrom HK$ 55
Little Cheese Burgerfrom HK$ 80
Little Bacon Cheeseburgerfrom HK$ 95


If you’re in the mood for a delicious and satisfying burger, Five Guys Hong Kong is the place to go. Their menu features a range of options including the classic hamburger starting at HK$ 90, a cheeseburger starting at HK$ 100, and for those who love a little extra indulgence, the bacon burger and bacon cheeseburger starting at HK$ 105 and HK$ 115, respectively. And for those looking for a smaller option, they also offer “Little” versions of their hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger, and bacon cheeseburger starting at HK$ 70, HK$ 80, HK$ 85, and HK$ 95, respectively. No matter which option you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and flavor at Five Guys Hong Kong.

Hamburgerfrom HK$ 90
Cheeseburgerfrom HK$ 100
Bacon Burgerfrom HK$ 105
Bacon Cheeseburgerfrom HK$ 115
Little Hamburgerfrom HK$ 70
Little Cheese Burgerfrom HK$ 80
Little Bacon Burgerfrom HK$ 85
Little Bacon Cheeseburgerfrom HK$ 95


Kosher Style Hot Dogfrom HK$ 65
Cheese Dogfrom HK$ 75
Bacon Dogfrom HK$ 80
Bacon Cheese Dogfrom HK$ 90


Veggie Sandwichfrom HK$ 60
Cheese Veggie Sandwichfrom HK$ 70
Grilled Cheese Sandwichfrom HK$ 60
BLT Sandwich (Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce)from HK$ 75


Five Guys Style Fries
Cajun Style Fries


Five Guys ShakeHK$ 55


CokeHK$ 35
Coke ZeroHK$ 35
SpriteHK$ 35
Bonaqua Bottled WaterHK$ 20
Fanta OrangeHK$ 35
Iced Lemon TeaHK$ 35

Is Five Guys beef halal?

Five Guys does not serve Halal meat. Do any Five Guys products contain soy or dairy? Our rolls contain both soy and dairy. Our cheese and milkshakes are dairy products as well.

Why is it called Five Guys?

Family. Arlington, Virginia, 1986. Jerry and Janie Murrell gave their five sons a choice, ‘Start a business or go to college?” The business route won and the family opened the first Five Guys – named after the five brothers.

Why are Five Guys locations closing?

Is Five Guys Going Out Of Business? All Five Guys fans can enjoy a sigh of relief now, as the American fast-food chain has no plan of shutting down. In other words, the Twitter rumor about its closure is fake news.

Who owns Five Guys fast?

Five Guys Holdings, Inc.
Five Guys / Parent organization

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