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Hello are you looking for the latest Small Mall Menu with prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Small Mall  Menu 2023 hong kong with prices

Small Mall menu price list hong kong 2023


All Day Setfrom HK$ 48
Light Mix-and-Match SetHK$ 39
茶葉蛋 (2個)HK$ 12
Steamed Glutinous Rice with ChickenHK$ 19
Shanghainese Sticky Rice Roll with Pork FlossHK$ 16
Indo Stirred NoodleHK$ 13

value set mall

Light Mix-and-Match SetHK$ 39
All Day Setfrom HK$ 48
Signature Hong Kong Style Fish Ball and Rice Noodle Roll
Rice Noodle Roll with Mixed Sauce (5 pcs)HK$ 11
Curry Fish Ball (12 pcs)HK$ 11
Tangerine Peel Fish Ball (12 pcs)HK$ 11
Sausage (3 pcs)HK$ 12
Cheese Cocktail Sausages (3 pcs)HK$ 12
Fish Siu Mai (7 pcs)HK$ 11
Pork Shumai (6 pcs)HK$ 11
Curry ComboHK$ 16

Chinese Dim Sum

Steamed Beef Balls with Beancurd Sheet (2 Pieces)HK$ 11
Chiu Chow Style Steamed Dumplings (2 pcs)HK$ 11
Steamed Glutinous Rice with ChickenHK$ 19
Shanghainese Sticky Rice Roll with Pork FlossHK$ 16
Glutinous Rice Roll with Chinese Sausage (2 Pieces)HK$ 12
Stir-fried Egg Noodles with Premium Soy SauceHK$ 13
Indo Stirred NoodleHK$ 13
Rice CakeHK$ 17
Preserved Eggs and Pork Bone CongeeHK$ 18
Congee with Dried White Cabbage and Pork BoneHK$ 18
Golden Imitation Shark Fin SoupHK$ 18
Lettuce and Fish Paste in Pork Bone SoupHK$ 18
Faux Shark’s Fin Soup with Fish PasteHK$ 20
茶葉蛋 (2個)HK$ 12

House Recommendation Snacks

Hot Dogs with Tricolor SauceHK$ 15
Kaya ToastHK$ 16
Thick Toast with Crunchy Peanut ButterHK$ 15
Whole Jumbo SausageHK$ 16

House Recommendation Desserts

Taro and Mixed Bean Sweet Soup with Coconut MilkHK$ 20
Sweet Red Bean Soup with Lily BulbHK$ 18
Mung Bean Sweet Soup with KelpHK$ 18
Sweet Potato and Ginger Sweet SoupHK$ 16
Mango SagoHK$ 20
Herb Jelly with MangoHK$ 20
Sago with Coconut MilkHK$ 18
Grass Jelly with Coconut MilkHK$ 18
Stewed Egg Pudding with Fresh MilkHK$ 15

House Recommendation Beverages

Coke (Canned)HK$ 6
Sprite (Canned)HK$ 6
Vitasoy Lemon TeaHK$ 6
Vita Chrysanthemum TeaHK$ 6

Summer Recommendation

Coffeefrom HK$ 12
Milk Teafrom HK$ 12
Chocolatefrom HK$ 12
Apple Green Teafrom HK$ 12
Oolong Teafrom HK$ 12
Soybean Milkfrom HK$ 6
Honey Green TeaHK$ 12

Fruit Milkshake

Mango MilkshakeHK$ 18
Strawberry MilkshakeHK$ 18
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