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Are you for the latest Bao Dim Sin Seng Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Bao Dim Sin Seng Menu 2023 hong kong with prices.

Bao Dim Sin Seng menu price list hong kong 2023


If you’re looking for authentic Hong Kong cuisine, Bao Dim Sin Seng is the place to be! Their menu boasts an impressive range of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. One of their must-try items is the Clay Bowl Steamed Rice with Chicken Feet and Pork Rib, which is only HK$35. Their Steamed Pork Dumplings and Steamed Beef Balls, both priced at HK$24, are also popular choices among customers. For something more filling, the Clay Bowl Steamed Rice with Minced Beef and Pan-Fried Egg or Chicken and Fermented Sausage are excellent options. And if you’re in the mood for some crispy treats, try their Deep-fried Dumplings with Pork, which are priced at HK$22. Overall, Bao Dim Sin Seng offers a fantastic selection of traditional Hong Kong dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Chicken Feet & Pork RibHK$ 35
Steamed Pork DumplingHK$ 24
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Minced Beef & Pan-Fried EggHK$ 35
Steamed Beef BallHK$ 24
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Chicken & Fermented SausageHK$ 35
Deep-fried Dumpling with PorkHK$ 22

Steamed Rice

Bao Dim Sin Seng in Hong Kong is a hidden gem for those seeking authentic Chinese cuisine. One of their standout dishes is the Clay Bowl Steamed Rice, which comes in a variety of flavors such as Chicken Feet & Pork Rib, Pork Patty & Preserved Vegetable, Chicken & Mushroom, Fermented Sausage, Diced Chicken & Octopus, Minced Beef & Pan-Fried Egg, Pork & Salted Fish, and Pork & Salted Egg. Priced at HK$ 35 each, these flavorful and filling dishes are a must-try for anyone visiting this restaurant. Bao Dim Sin Seng’s commitment to using fresh and high-quality ingredients is evident in every bite of their delicious dishes, making it a must-visit for food lovers in Hong Kong.

Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Chicken Feet & Pork RibHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Pork Patty & Preserved VegetableHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Chicken & MushroomHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Chicken & Fermented SausageHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Diced Chicken & OctopusHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Minced Beef & Pan-Fried EggHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Pork & Salted FishHK$ 35
Clay Bowl Steamed Rice W/ Pork & Salted EggHK$ 35

Steamed Food

Steamed Pork DumplingHK$ 24
Steamed Beef BallHK$ 24
Steamed Pork with Bean Curd Sheet RollHK$ 24
Steamed Glutinous Rice with ChickenHK$ 30
蝦餃HK$ 24

Home Style Dishes

Preserved Vegetable and PorkHK$ 46

Stewed Soup

Double-Stewed Chicken Feet Soup W/ Fish Maws And Shiitake MushroomsHK$ 50
Double-Stewed Chicken Soup W/ CordycepsHK$ 50


If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic dim sum experience in Hong Kong, look no further than Bao Dim Sin Seng. Their menu offers a wide variety of classic dim sum dishes, such as their Chicken and Mushroom Bun, BBQ Pork Bun, and Glutinous Rice Roll. The Ham and Green Onion Roll is also a must-try, bursting with savory flavors. For something heartier, the Jumbo Chicken Bun is a filling and satisfying option. And don’t forget to indulge in their sweet buns, like the Lotus Seed Paste Bun and Red Bean Paste Bun. With affordable prices ranging from HK$11 to HK$23, Bao Dim Sin Seng is the perfect place for a casual yet delicious meal.

Pork and Cabbage BunHK$ 11
Chicken and Mushroom BunHK$ 11
BBQ Pork BunHK$ 11
Glutinous Rice RollHK$ 11
Ham and Green Onion RollHK$ 11
Jumbo Chicken BunHK$ 23
Lotus Seed Paste BunHK$ 11
Red Bean Paste BunHK$ 11
Custard BunHK$ 11
Creamy Custard BunHK$ 11
Japanese Pumpkin BunHK$ 11
Mantou (Savory)HK$ 8
Mantou (High Fiber Wholemeal)HK$ 8
Cantonese Sponge CakeHK$ 13

Fried Food

Deep-fried Dumpling with PorkHK$ 22
Spring RollHK$ 22
Deep-fried Dumpling with Lotus Seed PasteHK$ 22


Nescafe Regular CoffeeHK$ 12
Bonaqua Mineralized WaterHK$ 8
SpriteHK$ 10
Coca ColaHK$ 10
Soya Milk (Original)HK$ 11
Soya Milk (Sugar Free)HK$ 11

How much is dim sum in HK?

   Price range: each dim sum dish averages about 120 HKD (15 USD). Starting about 700 HKD (90 USD) per person for a full dim sum meal.


   Nowadays, dim sum is eaten all over China and the world, but the dishes are believed to have originated in the southern China’s Guangdong region before eventually making their way to Hong Kong.


Dim sum is a Chinese dish that has long been bringing Hong Kong people together and helping them to connect with each other. The culinary icon, which features small steamed or fried savoury dumplings containing various fillings, remains one of the most recognisable parts of the city’s local culture.


It’s a chance for friends and family to catch up and enjoy a delicious meal together. It’s the act of sharing dishes of favourite items like dumplings, rice, noodles and many more dishes that were meant for sharing, while you talk about what’s new in life and in the news.


   Dim sum means ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese. The small portions were designed to merely touch the heart not sate the appetite, and as such were first enjoyed as snacks. Over time, however, yum cha has evolved, and the cuisine is now a vital part of Chinese culture.


A traditional dim sum brunch includes various types of steamed buns, such as cha siu bao (a steamed bun filled with barbecue pork), rice or wheat dumplings, and rice noodle rolls that contain a range of ingredients, including beef, chicken, pork, prawns, and vegetarian options.


Tim Ho Wan  Tim Ho Wan (Chinese: 添好運) is a Hong Kong dim sum restaurant chain originating from Hong Kong. Known for being “the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant”, the chain has since expanded and now has franchises in 12 countries.

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