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Hello Mother of Pizzas lover, are you looking for the latest Mother of Pizzas Menu prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Mother of Pizzas Menu 2023 hong kong with prices.



If you’re looking for delicious pizza in Hong Kong, look no further than Mother of Pizzas. Their menu features a variety of unique options, such as the Meat de Cavemen (13″) for HK$ 198, Garlic Cheese Bread for HK$ 148, and the Queen Margherita (13″) for HK$ 198. They also offer spicy options like the Pepperoni Super Saiyan (13″) for HK$ 228 and Pepperoni l’Americano (13″) for HK$ 198. My personal favorite is the Summer of Love 1967 (13″) for HK$ 228. With a wide range of toppings and crust options to choose from, Mother of Pizzas is sure to satisfy any pizza lover’s cravings.

Meat de Cavemen (13″)from HK$ 198
Garlic Cheese BreadHK$ 148
Queen Margherita (13″)from HK$ 198
Pepperoni Super Saiyan (13″)from HK$ 228
Pepperoni l’Americano (13″)from HK$ 198
Summer Of Love 1967 (13″)from HK$ 228


Three Person Combofrom HK$ 434


Italian MeatballsHK$ 118
Garlic Cheese BreadHK$ 148
Caesar SaladHK$ 128
Mother SaladHK$ 148
Caprese SaladHK$ 148
Romeo & Juliet PlatterHK$ 489


Mother of Pizzas in Hong Kong is a must-visit for any pasta lover. The menu is filled with a variety of delicious options, including the Meatball Bolognese, Carbonara Capicola, and Triple Mushroom. Each dish is priced at HK$ 158 and is packed with flavor. The Pinot Grigio Salsiccia Pasta is a personal favorite, with the perfect blend of sausage and white wine. The Tumppi Chicken Pasta is also a great option for those looking for something a little lighter. And for the vegetarians out there, the Say ‘CHEESE’ Cherrie Pasta is a delicious and satisfying option. Overall, Mother of Pizzas is a great choice for a satisfying and delicious pasta dinner.

Meatball BologneseHK$ 158
Carbonara CapicolaHK$ 158
Triple MushroomHK$ 158
Pinot Grigio Salsiccia PastaHK$ 158
Tumppi Chicken PastaHK$ 158
Say ‘CHEESE’ Cherrie Pasta (Veg)HK$ 158

Pizzas (13″)

The menu offers a variety of delicious options, including the classic Queen Margherita (13″) for HK$ 198, the spicy Pepperoni l’Americano (13″) for HK$ 198, and the hearty Meat de Cavemen (13″) for HK$ 198. For those looking for something a bit more adventurous, the Crazy Cheese (13″) for HK$ 228, Summer Of Love 1967 (13″) for HK$ 228, Pepperoni Super Saiyan (13″) for HK$ 228, Rocketeer (13″) for HK$ 228, and Canadian (13″) for HK$ 228 are sure to satisfy. Overall, Mother of Pizzas offers a wide range of tasty pizzas at reasonable prices.

Queen Margherita (13″)from HK$ 198
Pepperoni l’Americano (13″)from HK$ 198
Meat de Cavemen (13″)from HK$ 198
Crazy Cheese (13″)from HK$ 228
Summer Of Love 1967 (13″)from HK$ 228
Pepperoni Super Saiyan (13″)from HK$ 228
Rocketeer (13″)from HK$ 228
Canadian (13″)from HK$ 228
My Parma (13″)from HK$ 248
Mother of Pizzas (13″)from HK$ 323
Beautiful Chick (13″)from HK$ 198
Hawaiian Coco (13″)from HK$ 228
Holland Spicy (13″)from HK$ 228


CokeHK$ 38
Coke ZeroHK$ 38
SpriteHK$ 38
San Pellegrino Sparking Juicefrom HK$ 42
San Pellegrino Sparking WaterHK$ 89
Acqua Panna WaterHK$ 89


Peroni BeerHK$ 69

Craft Beer

Stone Delicious IPAHK$ 79
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPAHK$ 79
Deschutes Black Butte PorterHK$ 79
Deschutes Mirror PondHK$ 79
Baladin SuperHK$ 79

Red Wine

Romeo & Juliet PassioneHK$ 480

White Wine

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie IGTHK$ 320
Romeo & Juliet Sentimento BiancoHK$ 480
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