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Hello Homebake lovers, are you looking for the latest Homebake Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Homebake Menu 2024 Hong Kong with prices.

Homebake Menu Hong Kong 2024 With Prices List


Basque Burnt CheesecakeHK$ 41
Fresh Blueberry and Strawberry Jasmine Chafrom HK$ 48
Wasabi SamuraiHK$ 106
Sunflower Seed Dark Rye BreadHK$ 72
Rich Cheese LoafHK$ 44
Signature Soft LoafHK$ 36


Tropical BreezeHK$ 273
Chestnut Mont Blanc CakeHK$ 345


Cranberry English Sconefrom HK$ 39
Blueberry Muffinfrom HK$ 36
French Croissantfrom HK$ 35
Aloha Sunshinefrom HK$ 120
Super Greenfrom HK$ 108
Salted Caramel Basque Burnt Cheesecakefrom HK$ 56
English Sconefrom HK$ 36
Banana Muffinfrom HK$ 36
Rainbow Fiestafrom HK$ 120
Power Caesarfrom HK$ 108
Basque Burnt Cheesecakefrom HK$ 56


Cinque Cheese Bacon BaguetteHK$ 41
Rich Cheese LoafHK$ 43
Truffle Chicken with Cheese DanishHK$ 41
Cheddar Cheese Crispy ToastHK$ 18

Artisan Bread

Curry Beef PuffHK$ 26
Mushroom Chicken PieHK$ 38
Meat Floss Omusubi BunHK$ 21
Seared Salmon Omusubi BunHK$ 21
Cheese Sausage Pain d’ EpiHK$ 22
Grilled Tomato Tuna Buckwheat BunHK$ 18
Hawaiian Sausage BunHK$ 21
Cheese & Egg Mashed Potato BunHK$ 19
Mushroom and Cheese Pizza BunHK$ 19
Butter Twist RollHK$ 16
Taro & Meat Floss BunHK$ 20
Plain Bagel (with Cream Cheese)HK$ 23
Meat RollHK$ 26
Broccoli Spinach and Cheese PieHK$ 41
Spicy Meat Floss Omusubi BunHK$ 21
Tomato Mozzarella PizzaHK$ 19
Classic Crispy Sausage BunHK$ 18
Grilled Cheese ToastHK$ 22
Black Truffle Cheese French BreadHK$ 23
Bacon and Cheese Mashed Potatoes BunHK$ 19
French A.O.P. CroissantHK$ 21
Maple Coconut RollHK$ 18
Pain au ChocolateHK$ 22
Blueberry Bagel (with Cream Cheese)HK$ 23

L.T. Fermentation Loaf

Seaweed & Meat Floss LoafHK$ 34
Country BreadHK$ 66
Signature Soft LoafHK$ 36
Maple Coconut Walnut Soft LoafHK$ 44
Rich Milk ToastHK$ 22
Red Rice and Cheese Oval LoafHK$ 26
99% Gluten Free LoafHK$ 82
Dark Rye SourdoughHK$ 54
Honey & Lemon LoafHK$ 34
Sunflower Seed Dark Rye BreadHK$ 72
Rich Cheese LoafHK$ 44
Sesame Red Bean Kyoto Matcha LoafHK$ 41
Quinoa ToastHK$ 22
La BugetteHK$ 34
Caramelized Walnut LoafHK$ 44
1024 Danish ToastHK$ 58


Blueberry MuffinHK$ 22
Cranberry English SconeHK$ 24
English SconeHK$ 22


Fruity Basque Burnt Cheesecake (4.5″)HK$ 226
The Chocoholic 4.5″ (Hazelnut Belgian Chocolate Cake)HK$ 225
La RoseHK$ 321
Pistachio PassionHK$ 345
The AngelHK$ 201
Mr.CaffeineHK$ 322


Rainbow FiestaHK$ 106
Super GreenHK$ 94
Power CaesarHK$ 94
Aloha SunshineHK$ 106
Wasabi SamuraiHK$ 106

Hot Dish Lunch

Japanese Style Pork Cartilage with SidesHK$ 82
Curry Beef Rib with SidesHK$ 82

Seasonal Special

Fresh Watermelon Jasmine Milk Cap Cha (Cold)from HK$ 47
Fresh Watermelon Jasmine Cha (Cold)from HK$ 45

Fresh Fruit Cha

Fresh Fruit Four Seasons Chafrom HK$ 43
Grapefruit Jasmine Chafrom HK$ 43
Fresh Blueberry and Strawberry Jasmine Chafrom HK$ 48
Fresh Fruit Jasmine Chafrom HK$ 43
Mango Jasmine Chafrom HK$ 48
Greenish Avocado Jasmine Chafrom HK$ 43

Sea Salted Cream Cheese Milk Cap Cha

Roasted Oolong Milk Cap Chafrom HK$ 36

Chu Chu Cha

Black Sugar Fresh Milk Roasted Oolong Cha with Chu Chufrom HK$ 34
Fresh Milk Roasted Oolong Cha with Chu Chufrom HK$ 31

Box Drink

Oatly Oat Milk (250ml)HK$ 14
Oatly Oat Milk – Chocolate (250ml)HK$ 14


Hot Lemon Tea (12oz)HK$ 34
Cold Lemon Water (16oz)HK$ 31
Hot Americano (12oz)from HK$ 38
Hot Coffee Latte (8oz)HK$ 43
Cold Coffee Latte (16oz)from HK$ 50
Hot Cappuccino (12oz)from HK$ 46
EspressoHK$ 29
Hot Coffee (8oz)from HK$ 36
Iced Coffee (16oz)from HK$ 46
Hot Chocolate (12oz)from HK$ 46
Hot Hazelnut Latte (8oz)from HK$ 46
Iced Hazelnut Latte (16oz)from HK$ 53
Hot Caramel Latte (12oz)from HK$ 48
Hot Mocha (8oz)from HK$ 46
Iced Mocha (16oz)from HK$ 53
Hot Flat White (12oz)from HK$ 48
Hot Earl Grey Tea (12oz)HK$ 34
Hot Matcha Latte (12oz)from HK$ 50
Cold Whole Lemon Tea (16oz)HK$ 36
Hot Americano (8oz)from HK$ 36
Cold Americano (16oz)from HK$ 48
Hot Coffee Latte (12oz)from HK$ 46
Hot Cappuccino (8oz)HK$ 43
Cold Cappuccino (16oz)from HK$ 50
Double EspressoHK$ 34
Hot Coffee (12oz)from HK$ 38
Hot Chocolate (8oz)from HK$ 43
Iced Chocolate (16oz)from HK$ 50
Hot Hazelnut Latte (12oz)from HK$ 48
Hot Caramel Latte (8oz)from HK$ 46
Iced Caramel Latte (16oz)from HK$ 53
Hot Mocha (12oz)from HK$ 48
Hot Flat White (8oz)from HK$ 46
Hot English Breakfast Tea (12oz)HK$ 34
Hot Matcha Latte (8oz)from HK$ 48
Iced Matcha Latte (16oz)from HK$ 53


Basque Burnt CheesecakeHK$ 41
Mont Blanc Cheese TartHK$ 31
Mango Lava YogurtHK$ 40
Red Velvet CastleHK$ 40
Poached Pear in Red Wine Cheese TartHK$ 31
Pink Pomelo Cheese TartHK$ 31
Swirl MatchaHK$ 40


Birthday TagHK$ 20

How many branches does Homebake have in Hong Kong?

23 branches are Homebake have in Hong Kong.

Who is the owner of Homebake Hong Kong?

Renee Soliano Tan is the owner of Homebake Hong Kong.

Does Homebake accept credit cards?

Yes! Homebake accepts credit cards.

Is Homebake Halal?

Homebake halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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