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Yummy price menu list hong kong 2023


This appears to be a continuation of the list of items and their prices at a restaurant or food stand. The new items include grilled chicken wings, stir-fried rice rolls with egg, chicken cartilage, grilled beef, grilled pork jowl, and buttered corn.

Signature Grilled Chicken Whole Wings (1 skewer)HK$ 18
Stir-fried Rice Roll with EggHK$ 21
Chicken Cartilage (2 skewers)HK$ 22
Grilled Beef (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Pork Jowl (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Buttered CornHK$ 20


It looks like this is a list of prices for grilled skewered items at a restaurant or food stand. The items include chicken, gizzards, fish rolls, sausage, onions, tofu, zucchini, chives, imitation crab, cheese sausage, pineapple, and mushrooms. All of the prices are in Hong Kong dollars (HKD).

Grilled Chicken Wing Tip (1 skewer)HK$ 18
Grilled Chicken (1 skewer)HK$ 18
Grilled Chicken Gizzard (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Chikuwa Fish Roll (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Smoked Red Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Welsh Onion (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Fried Tofu Puffs (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Chinese Zucchini (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Chinese Chives (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Imitation Crab Sticks (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Cheese Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Pineapple (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled King Trumpet Mushroom (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Chinese Kale (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Green Beans (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Baby Cabbage (1 skewer)HK$ 16
Grilled Beef (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Ox’s Tongue (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Pork Belly (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Fish and Meat Dumplings (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Sea Urchin Balls (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Beef Tendon Balls (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Bacon Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Mushroom and Pork Ball (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Pork Jowl (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Taiwanese Black Pepper Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Luncheon Meat (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Cuttlefish’s Lips (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Cuttlefish Balls (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Fish Balls with Cheese Filling (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Cervelat Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Juice BBQ Pork (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Siu Mai (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Taiwanese Honey Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Smoked Duck Breast (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Taiwanese Cuttlefish Balls (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Sliced Beef and Chinese Chives Roll (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Grilled Fried Mochi Nuggets (1 skewer)HK$ 20
Signature Grilled Chicken Whole Wings (1 skewer)HK$ 18


Stir-fried Rice RollHK$ 20
Buttered CornHK$ 20
Chicken Cartilage (2 skewers)HK$ 22
MushroomHK$ 16
Stir-fried Rice Roll with EggHK$ 21
Chicken Sausage (2pcs)HK$ 16


Satay SauceHK$ 10
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