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Hello BBQ KING lovers, are you looking for the latest BBQ KING Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of BBQ KING Menu 2023 Hong Kong with prices.

BBQ KING Menu Hong Kong 2023 With Prices List


Grilled Pork Belly (3 skewers)HK$ 49HK$ 70
Grilled Eggplant with Ground Garlic (1 pc)HK$ 49HK$ 70
Grilled Premium Beef Tongue (1 skewer)HK$ 49HK$ 70
Satay Chicken Skewers (2 skewers)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Grilled Pork Jowl (1 skewer)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Wagyu Cubes (1 skewer)HK$ 42HK$ 60

Crayfish Series

Numbing Spicy Crayfish (Large serving)HK$ 161HK$ 230
Crayfish with Minced Garlic (Not Spicy)HK$ 161HK$ 230

Seafood of the Day

Grilled Clams with GarlicHK$ 73.5HK$ 105
Cooked Venus Clam with Sake (1 pc)HK$ 77HK$ 110
Grilled White Eel with Salt (1 skewer)HK$ 63HK$ 90
Grilled Scottish Razor Clam with Ground Garlic and Chinese Vermicelli (1 pc)HK$ 80.5HK$ 115
Signature Grilled Premium Abalone with Ground Garlic (2 pcs)HK$ 77HK$ 110
Japanese-style South African Abalone (2 pcs)HK$ 91HK$ 130


Salt-Grilled 8-inch Tiger Prawn (1 skewer)HK$ 70HK$ 100
Grilled Whelk (3 pcs)HK$ 63HK$ 90
Grilled Squid TubeHK$ 84HK$ 120
Grilled SquidHK$ 43.4HK$ 62
Crab Shell Stuffed with Bean Paste (1 pc)HK$ 70HK$ 100
Grilled Cuttlefish Lip (1 skewer)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45
Grilled Squid Tentacles (1 skewer)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45
Grilled New Zealand Musselsfrom HK$ 40.6HK$ 58


Grilled Needle Mushroom (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled King Trumpet MushroomHK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Sliced Potato (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Fried Tofu Puffs (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Green Pepper (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Baby Cabbage (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Green Beans (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Chinese Zucchini (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Okra (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Fresh MushroomsHK$ 21HK$ 30

Must Eat

Grilled Thai Asparagus (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Baked Broccoli with Minced Garlic (1 pc)HK$ 63HK$ 90
Baked Broccoli with Cheese and Butter (1 pc)HK$ 77HK$ 110
Grilled Buttered Corn (1 pc)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Eggplant with Ground Garlic (1 pc)HK$ 49HK$ 70
Grilled Eggplant with Cheese (1 pc)HK$ 63HK$ 90
Grilled Fish Curd (1 skewer)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Grilled Sliced Chinese Bun (1 skewer)HK$ 22.4HK$ 32
Grilled Japan Mini Purple Sweet Potato (1 skewer)HK$ 25.2HK$ 36
Grilled Cheesy Rice Cake (2 pcs)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Pineapple (1 skewer)HK$ 28HK$ 40
Grilled Taiwanese Dried PufferfishHK$ 63HK$ 90
Grilled Chicken Testis (1 skewer)HK$ 32.2HK$ 46
Caramel Foie Gras ToastHK$ 112HK$ 160
Grilled Sweet Egg TofuHK$ 42HK$ 60


Grilled Pork Belly (3 skewers)HK$ 49HK$ 70
Grilled Pork Jowl (1 skewer)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Luncheon Meat (1 skewer)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Japanese Pork Cubes (1 skewer)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Grilled Pork Intestines (1 Skewer)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Grilled Beef (1 skewer)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Sliced Beef Tongue (1 skewer)HK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled Premium Beef Tongue (1 skewer)HK$ 49HK$ 70
Roasted Premium Fatty Beef in Tinfoil (1 skewer)HK$ 70HK$ 100
Grilled Angus Ribs (1 skewer)HK$ 70HK$ 100
Grilled Wagyu Cubes (1 skewer)HK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled Fatty Beef in Needle Mushroom Roll (1 skewer)HK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled American Premium SteakHK$ 77HK$ 110
Grilled Arabic Lamb Skewers (1 pc)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Grilled New Zealand Lamb Racksfrom HK$ 73.5HK$ 105
Grilled Duck Tongue (5 pcs)HK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled Smoked Duck Breast (2 skewers)HK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled Chicken Cartilage (1 skewer)HK$ 28HK$ 40
Chicken Kidney Skewer (1 skewer)HK$ 28HK$ 40
Chicken Cartilage Skewers (6 skewer)HK$ 140HK$ 200
Grilled Chicken Gizzard (6 skewers)HK$ 140HK$ 200
Satay Chicken Skewers (2 skewers)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Grilled Chicken Skin (2 skewers)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Wingette Skewers (4 pcs)HK$ 59.5HK$ 85
Chicken Wing Skewers (2 skewers)HK$ 59.5HK$ 85
Grilled Chicken Thigh (1 pc)HK$ 98HK$ 140
Chicken Heart Skewers (2 skewers)HK$ 38.5HK$ 55
Grilled Cheesy Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45
Grilled Beef Meatballs (1 skewer)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45
Grilled Cuttlefish Meat Balls (1 Skewer)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45

Meatballs and Sausages

Grilled Cheesy Fishballs (1 skewer)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45
Grilled Cervelat Sausage (1 skewer)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Honey Grilled Chicken Sausage (2 pcs)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45
Skewered Siumai (5 pcs | 1 skewer)HK$ 26.6HK$ 38
Grilled Taiwanese Sausage (1 pc)HK$ 31.5HK$ 45

Sizzling Plate Series

Sizzling Stir-fried Sliced Beef (Large Portion)HK$ 126HK$ 180
Sizzling Stir-fried Squid TentaclesHK$ 140HK$ 200
Sizzling Stir-fried Bite-sized BeefHK$ 140HK$ 200
Sizzling Stir-fried Bite-sized PorkHK$ 140HK$ 200
Sizzling Stir-fried Sliced Beef (Large Portion)HK$ 126HK$ 180
Sizzling Stir-fried Bite-sized BeefHK$ 126HK$ 180

Signature Stir-fry

Stir-fried Shrimp with GarlicHK$ 140HK$ 200
Stir-fried Clam with Chili and GarlicHK$ 140HK$ 200


Two Person Combofrom HK$ 259HK$ 370

Main Dishes

Venus Clam and Chinese Vermicelli in TinfoilHK$ 70HK$ 100
Cheesy Stirred Demae RamenHK$ 70HK$ 100
Chongqing Sour and Spicy Rice NoodlesHK$ 77HK$ 110
North Sichuan Fried Rice VermicelliHK$ 77HK$ 110
North Sichuan Fried Chinese VermicelliHK$ 77HK$ 110
Sichuan Fried UdonHK$ 77HK$ 110
Sichuan Fried RiceHK$ 77HK$ 110
Fried Fatty Beef with UdonHK$ 77HK$ 110
Fried Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings with UdonHK$ 77HK$ 110
Cheesy Stirred Japanese UdonHK$ 70HK$ 100
Egg and Luncheon Meat Fried NoodlesHK$ 77HK$ 110
Egg and Luncheon Meat Demae RamenHK$ 91HK$ 130
Udon in Beef SoupHK$ 77HK$ 110
Chinese Vermicelli in Beef SoupHK$ 77HK$ 110
Plain RiceHK$ 28HK$ 40
Seafood Fried RiceHK$ 91HK$ 130
Unagi Fried RiceHK$ 91HK$ 130
Unagi Fried UdonHK$ 91HK$ 130

Numbing Spicy Pot

5 Toppings with Noodlesfrom HK$ 84HK$ 120
8 Toppingsfrom HK$ 84HK$ 120

Spicy Pot

A. Numbing Spicy Squid and Clams PotHK$ 119HK$ 170
B. Numbing Spicy Frog PotHK$ 119HK$ 170
C. Numbing Spicy Chicken Wings PotHK$ 112HK$ 160
D. Numbing Spicy Beef PotHK$ 112HK$ 160
E. Numbing Spicy Pig Intestine PotHK$ 119HK$ 170
F. Numbing Spicy Vegan PotHK$ 105HK$ 150

Grilled Fish

Grilled Capelin with Salt (6 pcs)HK$ 56HK$ 80
Grilled Mackerel (1 pc)HK$ 56HK$ 80
Grilled Mackerel Pikefrom HK$ 48.3HK$ 69
Signature Grilled Pomfret with Ground Garlic (1 pc)HK$ 123.2HK$ 176
Signature Grilled Salmon Head with Ground GarlicHK$ 105HK$ 150
Signature Grilled Fourfinger Threadfin with SaltHK$ 126HK$ 180

Roasted in Tinfoil

Roasted Garlic Needle Mushroom in TinfoilHK$ 63HK$ 90
Roasted Baby Cabbage with Minced GarlicHK$ 49HK$ 70
Roasted Sliced Lotus Root in TinfoilHK$ 49HK$ 70
Roasted Assorted Mushroom in TinfoilHK$ 63HK$ 90
Foil Burning Mixed VegetablesHK$ 51.8HK$ 74

Sichuan Spicy Series

Grilled Numbing Spicy Chicken Feet (1 skewer)HK$ 35HK$ 50
Grilled Numbing Spicy Frog Skewer (1 skewer)HK$ 56HK$ 80
Foil Slide Burning Spicy TofuHK$ 66.5HK$ 95
Grilled Numbing Spicy Octopus TentaclesHK$ 84HK$ 120
Grilled Numbing Spicy Needle MushroomHK$ 63HK$ 90
Fried Numbing Spicy Duck TongueHK$ 84HK$ 120
Grilled Numbing Spicy Venus ClamHK$ 78.4HK$ 112
Grilled Numbing Spicy Scallops (2 pcs)HK$ 84HK$ 120
Numbing Spicy Babylonia LutosaHK$ 91HK$ 130


Melted Marshmallow BiscuitsHK$ 35HK$ 50
Melted Marshmallow ToastHK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled Sweet Egg Tofu (Desserts)HK$ 42HK$ 60
Grilled Crunchy BananaHK$ 35HK$ 50
Iced PineappleHK$ 70HK$ 100


CokeHK$ 21HK$ 30
SpriteHK$ 21HK$ 30
Coke ZEROHK$ 21HK$ 30
FantaHK$ 21HK$ 30
Cream SodaHK$ 21HK$ 30
WANG LAO GI (1 Can)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Lemon Tea (In Carton)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Chrysanthemum Tea (In Carton)HK$ 21HK$ 30
Robiff Oolong TeaHK$ 24.5HK$ 35
Mandarin LemonHK$ 24.5HK$ 35
Sugar Cane and Imperatae DrinkHK$ 24.5HK$ 35
Hung Fook Tong Selfheal Fruit-spike Drink (Bottled)HK$ 24.5HK$ 35
Soy MilkHK$ 24.5HK$ 35
Chrysanthemum TeaHK$ 17.5HK$ 25
Lemon TeaHK$ 17.5HK$ 25

Alcoholic Beverages

Tsingtao Beerfrom HK$ 17.5HK$ 25
Blue Girlfrom HK$ 21.7HK$ 31

Cold Dishes

Numbing Spicy JellyfishHK$ 49HK$ 70
Chinese Cucumber SaladHK$ 49HK$ 70
Spicy Cucumber SaladHK$ 49HK$ 70
Numbing Spicy Preserved EggHK$ 49HK$ 70
EdamameHK$ 37.8HK$ 54
BBQ KING Menu Hong Kong

What BBQ full name?

BBQ is the written abbreviation for barbecue. Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

How much is BBQ King Melbourne?

Korean Buffet. Lunch 12:00pm-4pm $39.90. Dinner 5pm-11pm Mon-Sunday $49.90.

What is the most popular BBQ?

While we recognize other BBQ styles such as Alabama, Kentucky, and St Louis, we looked at the top 5 most popular styles.

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Texas style.
Kansas City style.
Memphis style.
North Carolina style.
South Carolina style.

What to do for BBQ?

30 Easy BBQ Recipes for a Great Cookout
BBQ Baked Beans.
Grilled BBQ Chicken.
Grilled Pork Chops with BBQ Rub.
BBQ Rub.
Barbecued Burgers.
Marinated Pork Ribs.
Honey BBQ Chicken Kabobs.
BBQ Pork (Char Siu)

Who first started BBQ?

The First BBQs The first barbecue recipes are associated with the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations, around 7,000 BC. Unlike our food, these cultures did not use animal fat or lipids as fat. They used a thin rice bran oil. But they smoked meat at high smoking temperatures.

Why it is called BBQ?

The word barbecue comes from the language of a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino. Their word for grilling on a raised wooden platform is barbacoa. The word first appeared in print in a Spanish explorer’s account of the West Indies in 1526, according to Planet Barbecue.

Is BBQ cheaper than gas?

Charcoal barbecues tend to be significantly cheaper than gas, though it is worth considering how often you’ll use it. If you’ll be using it lots, you’ll need to factor in how much all that charcoal will be, and whether it’s cost-effectiveb

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