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Hello Ichi Ni Don! lovers, are you looking for the latest Ichi Ni Don! Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Ichi Ni Don! Menu 2023 Hong Kong with prices.


Ichi, Ni, Teishoku!

Don for 1 Teishokufrom HK$ 110.4HK$ 138
Don for 2 Teishokufrom HK$ 214.4HK$ 268

Ichi, Ni, Don!

Ichi Ni Gyudon!from HK$ 62.4HK$ 78
Gyu-Karrage Donfrom HK$ 73.6HK$ 92
Kimchi Pork Donfrom HK$ 62.4HK$ 78
Oyakodonfrom HK$ 62.4HK$ 78
Kimchi Karaage Donfrom HK$ 72HK$ 90
Gyudon with Onsen Eggfrom HK$ 65.6HK$ 82
Shogayaki Donfrom HK$ 62.4HK$ 78
Nanban Donfrom HK$ 62.4HK$ 78
Sutadon (Garlic Pork Bowl)from HK$ 62.4HK$ 78
Ungani Don with Onsen Eggfrom HK$ 78.4HK$ 98

Ichi, Ni, Roast Beef!

Roast Beef Don with Onsen Eggfrom HK$ 78.4HK$ 98
Japanese Spicy Roast Beef Donfrom HK$ 70.4HK$ 88
Korean Roast Beef Donfrom HK$ 70.4HK$ 88
Roast Beef & Karaage Donfrom HK$ 89.6HK$ 112

Ichi, Ni, Yakisoba!

Yakisobafrom HK$ 54.4HK$ 68
Tonkatsu Yakisobafrom HK$ 70.4HK$ 88
Ichi Ni Gyu Yakisobafrom HK$ 70.4HK$ 88

Ichi, Ni, Curry!

Roast Beef Black Curry Donfrom HK$ 78.4HK$ 98
Karaage Black Curry Donfrom HK$ 65.6HK$ 82
Tonkatsu Black Curry Donfrom HK$ 60.8HK$ 76

Ichi, Ni, Sides!

Onsen EggHK$ 8HK$ 10
Furikake Rice with Onsen EggHK$ 14.4HK$ 18
Agedashi TofuHK$ 30.4HK$ 38
Soya Warabimochi (6pcs)HK$ 22.4HK$ 28
Miso SoupHK$ 6.4HK$ 8
Wafu (Cabbage) SaladHK$ 19.2HK$ 24
Karaage (5pcs)HK$ 54.4HK$ 68


Coke (330ml Can)HK$ 14.4HK$ 18
Sprite (330ml Can)HK$ 14.4HK$ 18
OOHA Peach & Oolong Tea FlavouredHK$ 16HK$ 20
Ice Lemon WaterHK$ 16HK$ 20
Jasmine TeaHK$ 16HK$ 20
Lemongrass Ginger TeaHK$ 16HK$ 20
Pomegranate MojitoHK$ 22.4HK$ 28
Lemongrass Lime TeaHK$ 16HK$ 20
Lemon SquashHK$ 22.4HK$ 28
Popping Boba Mango and Lychee Red TeaHK$ 22.4HK$ 28
Coke Zero (330ml Can)HK$ 14.4HK$ 18
OOHA Yuzu & Sea Salt FlavouredHK$ 16HK$ 20
OOHA Lychee Lactic FlavouredHK$ 16HK$ 20
Oolong TeaHK$ 16HK$ 20
Kumquat and Lemon TeaHK$ 16HK$ 20
Virgin MojitoHK$ 22.4HK$ 28
Lemon Barley WaterHK$ 25.6HK$ 32
Ice Red Tea with LemonHK$ 16HK$ 20
Monk Fruit Tea with LicoriceHK$ 25.6HK$ 32

Alcoholic Beverage

Tsing Tao 330mlHK$ 25.6HK$ 32

How many branches does Ichi Ni Don have in Hong Kong?

56 branches are Ichi Ni Don have in Hong Kong.

who is the owner of Ichi Ni Don in hong kong?

Ric Meulemans is the owner of Ichi Ni Don in hong kong.

Does Ichi Ni Don accept credit cards?

Yes! Ichi Ni Don accepts credit cards.

Is Ichi Ni Don Halal?

Ichi Ni Don’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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