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Hello Sushi Kumo lovers, are you looking for the latest Sushi Kumo Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Sushi Kumo Menu 2024 Hong Kong with prices.

Sushi Kumo menu price list hong kong 2024


Seared Flounder Fin SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Seared Eel SushiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Salmon Roe Gunkan-makiHK$ 45HK$ 50
Scallop SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Ark Shell SushiHK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Gunkan-makiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38


Their menu is full of tantalizing options, but if you’re feeling adventurous, I highly recommend the Omakase Kumo. This dish is priced at HK$ 518.4 and HK$ 576, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. The Omakase Gin is another great option if you want to splurge a little more at HK$ 734.4 and HK$ 816. For a more affordable yet equally delicious option, the Omakase Sho is priced at HK$ 410.4 and HK$ 456.

Omakase KumoHK$ 518.4HK$ 576
Omakase GinHK$ 734.4HK$ 816
Omakase ShoHK$ 410.4HK$ 456


Fried Bean Curd SushiHK$ 12.6HK$ 14
Ark Shell SushiHK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Octopus SushiHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Scallop SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Yellowtail SushiHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Salmon Belly SushiHK$ 21.6HK$ 24
Sweet Shrimp SushiHK$ 25.2HK$ 28
Red Shrimp SushiHK$ 18HK$ 20
Boiled Shrimp SushiHK$ 16.2HK$ 18
Salmon SushiHK$ 12.6HK$ 14
Surf Clam SushiHK$ 16.2HK$ 18
Grey Gurnard SushiHK$ 27HK$ 30
Tuna with Soy Sauce SushiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Golden Eye Snapper SushiHK$ 54HK$ 60
Hoho-niku SushiHK$ 64.8HK$ 72
Customize Sushi (10 pcs)HK$ 268.2HK$ 298
Toro SushiHK$ 54HK$ 60
Squid SushiHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Tamago SushiHK$ 12.6HK$ 14
Crab Stick SushiHK$ 16.2HK$ 18
Yellowtail Belly SushiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Red Sea Bream SushiHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Canada Botan Shrimp SushiHK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Striped Jack SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Chu-toro SushiHK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Tuna SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Horse Mackerel SushiHK$ 27HK$ 30
Mackerel SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Hokkaido Botan Shrimp SushiHK$ 54HK$ 60
Tuna Top of Head SushiHK$ 64.8HK$ 72
Kagoshima Wagyu SushiHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Customize Sushi (12 pcs)HK$ 300.6HK$ 334

Seared Sushi

Seared Salmon SushiHK$ 12.6HK$ 14
Seared Salmon Belly SushiHK$ 21.6HK$ 24
Seared Scallop SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Seared Red Snapper SushiHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Seared Mackerel SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Seared Kagoshima Wagyu with Garlic SushiHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Seared Eel SushiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Seared Toro SushiHK$ 54HK$ 60
Seared Flounder Fin SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Seared Striped Jack SushiHK$ 28.8HK$ 32
Seared Golden Eye Snapper SushiHK$ 54HK$ 60
Seared Kagoshima Wagyu with Rock Salt and Pepper SushiHK$ 73.8HK$ 82


Among the top favorites are the Crab Meat with Crab Paste Gunkan-maki and the Hokkaido Sea Urchin Gunkan-maki, which are priced at HK$ 34.2 and HK$ 73.8 respectively. The Salmon Roe Gunkan-maki and the Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Gunkan-maki are also popular choices, priced at HK$ 45 and HK$ 34.2, respectively. For those who love a bit of spice, the Spicy Salmon Gunkan-maki, Spicy Tuna Gunkan-maki, and Spicy Scallop Gunkan-maki are must-tries, priced between HK$ 12.6 and HK$ 26. The Flying Fish Roe Gunkan-maki and Octopus Wasabi Gunkan-maki are also excellent choices, priced at HK$ 15.3 and HK$ 17, respectively. If you’re looking for a refreshing dish, the Avocado Salad Gunkan-maki is the perfect option, priced at HK$ 23.4.

Crab Meat with Crab Paste Gunkan-makiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Salmon Roe Gunkan-makiHK$ 45HK$ 50
Flying Fish Roe Gunkan-makiHK$ 15.3HK$ 17
Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Gunkan-makiHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Spicy Salmon Gunkan-makiHK$ 12.6HK$ 14
Hokkaido Sea Urchin Gunkan-makiHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Avocado Salad Gunkan-makiHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Octopus Wasabi Gunkan-makiHK$ 15.3HK$ 17
Spicy Tuna Gunkan-makiHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Spicy Scallop Gunkan-makiHK$ 21.6HK$ 24


Their Salmon Belly Sashimi and Yellowtail Belly Sashimi are must-try items on the menu. The Sweet Shrimp Sashimi is another favorite, with five pieces of sweet, succulent shrimp. For those who love a bit of variety, the Chu-toro Sashimi and Golden Eye Snapper Sashimi are also worth trying. All of these delicious dishes are available at HK$ 48.6 – HK$130, making Sushi Kumo a great choice for sushi lovers who are on a budget but still want to enjoy high-quality Japanese cuisine.

Salmon Belly Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 48.6HK$ 54
Yellowtail Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 52.2HK$ 58
Salmon Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Sweet Shrimp Sashimi (5 pcs)HK$ 64.8HK$ 72
Chu-toro Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 86.4HK$ 96
Tuna Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 63HK$ 70
Hokkaido Botan Shrimp Sashimi (1 pc)HK$ 54HK$ 60
Toro with Seaweed SashimiHK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Yellowtail Belly Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 73.8HK$ 82
Striped Jack Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 55.8HK$ 62
Canada Botan Shrimp Sashimi (1 pc)HK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Ark Shell Sashimi (1 pc)HK$ 43.2HK$ 48
Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 55.8HK$ 62
Red Sea Bream Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 45HK$ 50
Golden Eye Snapper Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 86.4HK$ 96
Toro Sashimi (2 Cuts)HK$ 117HK$ 130

Maki Roll

Their selection of rolls is absolutely amazing and the prices are unbeatable. I highly recommend trying the California Roll or the Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Roll, both of which are priced at HK$54 but are worth every penny. For a more budget-friendly option, the Cucumber Roll is a steal at just HK$16.2. And if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, give the Eel Roll a try for HK$52.2.

California RollHK$ 54HK$ 60
Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion RollHK$ 54HK$ 60
Salmon RollHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Cucumber RollHK$ 16.2HK$ 18
Eel RollHK$ 52.2HK$ 58

Hand Rolls

California Hand RollHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Spicy Scallop Hand RollHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Salmon Hand RollHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Avocado Salad Hand RollHK$ 30.6HK$ 34
Flying Fish Roe Hand RollHK$ 23.4HK$ 26
Spicy Salmon Hand RollHK$ 27HK$ 30
Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Hand RollHK$ 54HK$ 60
Octopus Wasabi Hand RollHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Salmon Roe Hand RollHK$ 48.6HK$ 54
Spicy Tuna Hand RollHK$ 34.2HK$ 38
Eel Hand RollHK$ 41.4HK$ 46
Hokkaido Sea Urchin Hand RollHK$ 95.4HK$ 106

Sanshoku Don

One of the most exquisite dishes on their menu is the Sanshoku Don, which is definitely worth trying. At a reasonable price of HK$ 160.2 or HK$ 178, you can indulge in a delicious bowl of rice topped with three kinds of sashimi: tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. The freshness of the ingredients is unmatched, and the dish is beautifully presented. The restaurant itself has a welcoming atmosphere and the service is exceptional.

Sanshoku DonHK$ 160.2HK$ 178

Sushi Don

Green Onion Tuna Rice BowlHK$ 171HK$ 190
Hokkaido Sea Urchin Rice BowlHK$ 214.2HK$ 238
Sanshoku Rice BowlHK$ 171HK$ 190
Hokkaido Rice BowlHK$ 225HK$ 250


heir menu boasts a wide range of options, from Deluxe Sashimi Platter to Tuna Sushi Platter. Their Sashimi Platter and Sushi Platter are also available at a reasonable price of HK$ 214.2 to HK$ 238. For those looking for a more extensive meal, the Value Set for Two is an excellent option at HK$ 734.4 to HK$ 816. The Deluxe Sushi Platter is a must-try, which is priced at HK$ 289.8 to HK$ 322, and the Deluxe Sashimi Platter, priced at HK$ 410.4 to HK$ 456, is also highly recommended.

Deluxe Sashimi PlatterHK$ 410.4HK$ 456
Deluxe Sushi PlatterHK$ 289.8HK$ 322
Tuna Sushi PlatterHK$ 302.4HK$ 336
Sashimi PlatterHK$ 214.2HK$ 238
Sushi PlatterHK$ 214.2HK$ 238
Value Set for TwoHK$ 734.4HK$ 816


Flying Fish Roe SaladHK$ 48.6HK$ 54
Fluorescent Squid with PicklesHK$ 73.8HK$ 82


Miso SoupHK$ 21.6HK$ 24

Non Alcohol Drinks

Coca ColaHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
SpriteHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Ginger BeerHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
BonaquaHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Coke ZeroHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Dried Ginger AleHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
Oolong TeaHK$ 19.8HK$ 22
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