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Hello Katsuo Udon lovers, are you looking for the latest Katsuo Udon Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Katsuo Udon Menu 2023 Hong Kong with prices.

Katsuo Udon menu price list hong kong 2023


Chicken LegHK$ 46
Beef with Enoki MushroomHK$ 46
Soup Udon with Raw EggHK$ 69
Soup UdonHK$ 59
Mackerel with MisoHK$ 39
OdenHK$ 38

Coca-Cola® Combo

I recently had the pleasure of trying their Soup Udon – Coca-Cola® Combo and it was simply amazing! For just HK$55, I enjoyed a hearty bowl of soup udon and a refreshing Coca-Cola®. If you prefer something cold, I would highly recommend the Cold Udon with Half Soup and Yolk – Coca-Cola® Combo or the Soup Udon with Raw Egg – Coca-Cola® Combo, both priced at HK$63.

Soup Udon – Coca-Cola® ComboHK$ 55
Cold Udon with Half Soup and Yolk – Coca-Cola® ComboHK$ 63
Soup Udon with Raw Egg – Coca-Cola® ComboHK$ 63

Cold Udon

They offer a variety of Cold Udon dishes that are simply delicious. Their menu includes the classic Soy Sauce Cold Udon, as well as unique options like the Salmon Roe Cold Udon and the Hiroshima Oyster Cold Udon. Prices start at HK$59 for the Cold Udon with Dipping Sauce and go up to HK$155 for the Hiroshima Oyster Cold Udon. The Cold Udon with Half Soup and Yolk is a must-try, and at only HK$69, it’s a great value.

Cold Udon with Dipping SauceHK$ 59
Salmon Roe Cold UdonHK$ 119
Cold Udon with Half SoupHK$ 59
Soy Sauce Cold UdonHK$ 65
Cold Udon with Half Soup and YolkHK$ 69
Hiroshima Oyster Cold UdonHK$ 155

Hot Udon

Their soup udon, priced at only HK$59, is a perfect option for those looking for a delicious yet affordable meal. If you want to take it up a notch, the soup udon with raw egg, priced at HK$69, is a must-try. For seafood lovers, the Hiroshima oyster hot udon, priced at HK$155, is an excellent choice that you won’t regret. Katsuo Udon’s hot udon with dipping sauce and half soup options, both priced at HK$59, are also worth considering.

Soup UdonHK$ 59
Soup Udon with Raw EggHK$ 69
Hiroshima Oyster Hot UdonHK$ 155
Hot Udon with Dipping SauceHK$ 59
Hot Udon with Half SoupHK$ 59


OdenHK$ 38
Chicken LegHK$ 46
TempuraHK$ 65
Hiroshima Oyster (5 pcs)HK$ 78
Tempura Capelin (4 pcs)HK$ 50
Mackerel with MisoHK$ 39
Beef with Enoki MushroomHK$ 46
Tempura EggHK$ 20
Soft Boiled EggHK$ 17


Coca-Cola® 330ml CanHK$ 10
Fanta® Orange Flavored Soda 330ml CanHK$ 10
Schweppes® Cream Soda 330ml CanHK$ 10
Coca-Cola® No Sugar 330ml CanHK$ 10
Sprite® 330ml CanHK$ 10
Grapefruit SodaHK$ 10

What is Katsuo Udon?

   Wang’s Katsuo Udon Bowl is a Japanese-style instant udon bowl that’s enriched with a rich tuna-flavored soup. Katsuo is the Japanese term for skipjack tuna which can be found at a Japanese supermarket to be used traditional dishes in Japan.

How to cook katsuo udon?

Stove-Top Directions (Do Not Microwave): Bring about 1 cup of water (about 240 mL) and Katsuo Soup Base to a boil. Once the water and Katsuo Soup Base boils, add Udon Noodles, Vegetable Topping and cook for 2 minutes. Transfer into a bowl, and add Katsuobushi Topping before serving. Enjoy! 

What is katsuo Flavour?

   Katsuobushi’s distinct umami taste comes from its high inosinic acid content. Traditionally made katsuobushi, known as karebushi, is deliberately fermented with Aspergillus glaucus fungus in order to reduce moisture. Katsuobushi has also been shown to impart kokumi (a term translated as “heartiness”).

What is katsuo made of?

Katsuobushi is made of katsuo or bonito, skipjack tuna, a saltwater fish. Bonito is rich in protein. If unprocessed, it has a 25% protein content, and if used to make katsuobushi, its protein content increases to 77%.

What does katsuo udon taste like?

Katsuo Udon tastes very similar to authentic Japanese udon. It has that much loved sweet and salty soy sauce flavor found within the broth. There’s not a lot to these noodles really. They are incredibly simple, but they still remain delicious.

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